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Welcome to our "Occasional Little Things" posts.

Life is an amazing journey with lots of moments that are remembered and forgotten. I am now more than half a century old 😅 and looking forward to the next half. Looking back, I realised that many beautiful moments were missed and forgotten as I was too busy with making it. I hope to use this space to keep memory of occasional little things we love and share these with our families and friends.

Exactly how this will turn out? Absolutely no idea 😳. This is so unusual of me who only feel safe to plan from the end to the start. However, with this space, I'm diving into the unknown and leaving it to where life takes me. If you enjoy our "Occasional Little Things", do share you thoughts, leave us kind words or share your "little things" with us too if you will.

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2 commentaires

Denise Fields
Denise Fields
15 sept. 2023

Please do use this space Kwong for your thoughts and knowledge. Even if only 1 person is helped that one can pass on what they gained as meaningful and isn't that what we are here for? Life is a process and scary or not it means a lot to impart heart to one another. Even your favourite recipes using what you sell in the food line has meaning. I particularly gleaned much from "Which Collagen to Choose". I have always found your assistance in situ very helpful by you and your staff/family. Sincerely, thankyou!

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Hi Denise, love your comment ❤️. Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement 😊. Really well said. Indeed we should impart heart to one another in our own little ways.

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