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Happy Feet Healthy Brain

It was a long weekend and we woke up lazy on the Queen's Birthday holiday. I casually asked my wife: "Like to go for a walk?". "Yes, I saw Berry Reserve Walk Trail on Trails WA Facebook Group few days ago.", she replied.

We walk together

Hiking, trail walk, bush walk, or just walking are our favourite pastimes. So after a simple breakfast, we took our favourite Subaru all wheel-drive and hit the road. We're happy to drive anywhere up to 2 hours to enjoy a nice walk, this one is 41km and 35 minutes away. The sun was out and the temperature was around 20˚C. It was a perfect day in Spring for a walk and photo taking. I love to capture moments of our lives 😍. Over the years, I've become lazy to carry the heavy SLR and started relying on camera on the phone. It was also a good time to test out my wife's new iPhone 13 mini. Of course, we put on what we consider the best Le Ciel De Laube facial sunscreen and all natural Eco Tan body sunscreen.

The drive was easy and we followed the road speed limit strictly as double demerit points were in force 😂. We tend to navigate with Apple Maps but this time we had to use Google Maps instead. You can't find this location in Apple Maps and you gotta enter "Berry Reserve Entrance" on Google Maps. Once you turned off Reen Road onto a dirt track, the "carpark" is not far away. A four wheel drive is recommended though not necessary as some of the parking areas need higher clearance. If you're lucky, you might find yourself a flat area to park.

If you enjoy an easy walk, this is it. There is not much elevation and more than 90% of the trail is very well paved with sand, and is only 2.24km return trip. The place was littered with wild flowers, filled with the sound of running water and voice of chipping birds. A gorgeous nature spot for relaxing or picnic near the stream or bbq in the carpark. The main attraction of the park for me was the stream and the soothing sound of the flowing water.

Yes, we did spend a while soaking into the atmosphere, enjoying every moment and of course not forgetting shooting photos for my lovely wife 😘. We were there from 10:00am to 12:30pm and as usual brought along our battled Cheeki water bottles. However, this is the first time we added one of our daily supplement Nature's Goodness Aronia juice concentrate to help with reducing oxidation and make the plain water more palatable. What else was new on this trip? Our walking boots! We bought them @ Decathlon Orchard in Singapore a few weeks ago. They are so comfy and light and they cost only S$45 and S$30 for the large and small pairs respectively 😎. Whether they will withstand the test of time, we'll let you know in one of our future post.

We hope you've enjoyed the journey with us. Have you been there? Will this place be on your walking list? Let us know. And don't forget "Happy Feet Healthy Brain". Cheers for now 👋.

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תגובה אחת

26 בספט׳ 2022

Absolutely! It will be on my walking list.

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